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KeyloggerPro is an advanced, highly concealable keystroke recording application with many features and options!

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Keylogger Pro 2013 Keystroke Recorder

Keylogger Pro Overview

Powerful Keystroke Logging Software

Keylogger Pro is an advanced, yet simple to use remote keystroke logger software that will secretly record and capture every keystroke typed (including passwords, emails and chats) on your PC.

Record High Resolution Screen Captures

Not just a keystroke logger, Keylogger Pro also takes high resultion screen captures of the screen, allowing you to see exactly what the user of the computer is seeing!

100% Remote Keylogger

Keylogger Pro is a true remote keylogger, allowing you to remotely view keystrokes and screen shots from within your web browser in real time! Simply visit your ExploreAnywhere Account to view, configure and manage your Keylogger Pro licenses.

Device Location Tracking

Keylogger Pro keeps a record of every location the commputer connects to the internet from. Easily view on a map device location and other geographical specific information such as city, state, country, ISP, latitude/longitude and more!

Completely Invisible Keylogger

Keylogger Pro will not reveal itself in Windows Explorer, the Task Manager, your Start Menu, your Add/Remove Programs List or on your Desktop.

Full Feature List

Full complete feature list for Keylogger Pro 2013.


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